The four headed happy dog
Was happy lapping four bowls of need
He was happy as long as he always had
Food nearby for the four mouths to feed
He didn’t care if people called  him
A  him or even a they
Just so long as folks petted him
And spent time with him all the day
He was called a he
Because he had only one pair of balls
And we all know males have them
And females have little walls.
He was called a he not a they
All four heads barked together
All four heads had the same opinion
On everything from sports to weather.

But once in a  blue moon
(And don’t we all know how this feels?)
One of the heads  needed more petting than the others
Not more water or bones or meals
Sometimes we want love in places
That still need a kind of mention
One face one set of eyes one head
One frown in need of attention.


pg 7.20.15